Photo Balloon Help - Photo Upload

Click "Browse" and select a photo in your computer.
Click "Upload".
Only files with .jpg extention can be uploaded.
Image quality: in order to produce good quality prints, it is recommended that the resolution of the uploaded photo be least 1 Megapixel. The ideal resolution is 2 Megapixels. If your uploaded photo is more than 2 Megapixels, it will not result in higher quality print. The very high resolution pictures will be converted into 2 Megapixels.

Important: In Step 4 when you preview the design you created, on the pdf file set the zoom on 100%.
This is the same quality as it will apprear on the balloon. Check if you can see the pixels / squares.
In this case it is recommended to upload a higher quality photo in order to get a sharper print on your balloon.