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Create your own custom photo balloon today!
We print your favourite pictures on high quality photo balloons! Unlike the traditional latex balloons, mylar balloons are made of glossy plastic foil and they last vey long. We use 18 inch star shaped, heart shaped and round white ballons. The size of the printable area is 11x11 inches.
Here is how it works: you upload your pictures of your friends, family, yourself, your pet or whatever you love. Add your text or your design to it. We print the balloons and mail them to you. If you'd like the balloons inflated, you can pick them up from our location. It's so simple.
Upload your photo / artwork and add your text. The photos / artwork need to be in jpg file format.
1 balloon   $15.00 each
2 balloons  $12.50 each
3 balloons  $10.00 each
4-9 balloons  $9.00 each
10-99 balloons  $8.00 each
100+ balloons to be quoted
  photo_balloon_heart_shaped   photo_balloon_star_shaped   photo_balloon_round_shaped

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Colored Balloons - Seasonal item, currently not available
Beside the traditional photo balloons we introduce our
new product. Colored balloons printed with matte white ink. A great gift for Christmas, New Year's Party, Birthday, Wedding, Valentine's Day or any occasion. The size of the printable area is 9.5x6 inches. You can upload your graphics and add your text using our great collection of designer fonts.
1 balloon   $16.00 each
2 balloons  $14.00 each
3-4 balloons  $12.00 each
5-9 balloons  $11.00 each
10-99 balloons  $10.00 each
100+ balloons to be quoted
  colored1.jpg   colored2.jpg   colored3.jpg

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Photo T-shirts
We print your photos on T-shirts. Upload your favorite picture, add your text. Design your shirt online. For sport teams and real estate agents various templates are available to make the design process even easier. The print size is 11x14 inches.
1 shirt   $25.00 each
2 shirts  $24.00 each
3 shirts  $21.00 each
4-7 shirts  $20.00 each
8-12 shirts  $19.00 each
8-15 shirts  $19.00 each
16+ shirts to be quoted
  shirt1.jpg   shirt2.jpg   shirt3.jpg

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